Recorder Warns to be Wary of Mail Offers for Copies of Deeds


Once again a company has cropped up trying to take advantage of Pettis County citizens. Pettis County Recorder of Deeds Barbara Clevenger urges county residents to be wary of mail offers to provide copies of legal documents.

Record Transfer Services, a private company, offers to obtain copies of property deeds for homeowners and then charges an excessive fee for the document. The California based company has mailed the offer to residents of Pettis County.

Property owners in this area may have received a letter offering an official copy of their current grant deed and property assessment profile for $83.00. This company simply contacts your local County Offices to obtain the document and assessment information and then turns around and mails it to the homeowner while charging them higher fees.

Most property owners obtain their original property deed when their property is purchased.

In addition, this company’s offer cost significantly more than obtaining a property deed directly from the Pettis County Recorder’s Office. Fees are $1.00 per page and most property deeds are no more then one or two pages long which usually will cost less then $5.00.

“I am concerned about companies trying to take advantage or our citizens.
If anyone receives one of these letters, I would urge them to ignore it and
contact our office.”

For information or to obtain a copy of your property deed, you may visit the Pettis County Recorder’s Office in the Courthouse at 415 S Ohio Ste 106, or call the office at 660-826-5000 ext 922. Or email clevengerb@pettiscomo.com






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