Office of Pettis County Clerk/Election Authority

Nick La Strada


Pettis County Courthouse

2nd Floor Suite 214 
415 S. Ohio
Sedalia, Missouri 65301

Phone: 660.826.5000 County Clerk Ext. 400 Cell:660.281.7767

Election Clerk Ext. 401

Chief Deputy Clerk Ext. 402







As the County Clerk of Pettis County, I am committed to making on-line access to government a convenient and useful resource for the citizens of our county. It is a tremendous honor to serve the people of Pettis County.  I value your input, so please feel free to contact me at to share your thoughts, ask questions or make suggestions.

Clerk Duties

The County Clerk's office performs a variety of functions for our citizens.  In addition to conducting all elections, the clerk is also the administrative officer to the County Commission, maintaining all official county records, prepares the county financial statement, works with the political subdivisions to establish their current tax levies, serves as the secretary for the Board of Equalization, oversees the payment of all county bills through the accounts payable department, issues all county liquor licenses, notary public licenses and processes all County payroll and benefits.

Election Authority Duties
The County Clerk serves as the Election Authority overseeing the election process for the County and all its political subdivisions. The conduct of elections requires many vital functions, among them are:

     * Accepting the filings of candidates for County offices and some political subdivisions.
     * Compiling the certifications of candidates from political subdivisions.
     * Publishing the legal notice of election and computing election costs.
     * Finding, appointing and training of all election judges.
     * Locating polling locations throughout the County.
     * Establishing precinct boundaries.
     * Processing all voter registration forms.
     * Maintain a computerized voter registration data base including but not limited to
         Cancellations, change of address, registrations, deceased and those convicted of felonies.
     * Maintaining all campaign and personal finance reports. 

If I can ever be of assistance, please do not hesitate to call. Our office hours are
8:00a.m.- 5:00p.m. Monday through Friday. Our direct phone numbers are Cell: 660-281-7767
Office: 660-826-5000 Ext. 918 Fax: 660-829-0717

Our office is located at: 415 South Ohio Avenue, Suite 214 

As always, I’m here for the people of Pettis County

“I work for you!”


Nick La Strada
Pettis County Clerk/Election Authority